The Greatest Piece of Furniture

The greatest piece of furniture
In my home is the Artist’s Soul
That serves as a great centerpiece
On the living room coffee table
Beside the red rose blood colored couches
The soft skin sofa and the Automatic
Thought Ottoman. Around the Soul resides
Only the best of coffee table literature
For the passing eye; Mr. Roger’s Social
Puppetry, Cid Stockholm’s Guide to Misinterpretation,
And Coffee Table’s Coffee Table of the
Greatest Coffee Tablists. The Artist’s
Soul really ties the room together with
The Planet Earth tinted walls as it
Clashes just so with the Space Drapes that
Hang above my See-Through Windows. The
Soul spreads a scent, an air, that freshens
The room when there’s people in it, otherwise
It droops, sags to the floor untouched
By it’s cynic critic.

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