Love is a Silence

Love is a silence
locked away inside my heart
keys in the garbage

love is a silence
absolutely overwhelmed
inside I reside

love is a silence
to speak is inadequate
to equate it’s size

love is a silence
to feel unfathomable
something so immense

Love is a silence that resides inside my heart, it steals words, air, breath from my throat and robs my mouth of the sweet kiss of it’s satisfying release.

Love is a silence that deceives me daily faintly feigning un-pining un-pain beneath a low level light illuminating my souls sobering circumstances.

Love is a silence once sung, once spoken, now quiet, now broken.

Love is a silence I cannot tell from itself myself selflessly un-selfless shellfish-ly selfish shelled inside myself.

Love is a poem I spoke into a hole in an elm tree and sealed with earth and can never return to for I found it blind-folded and left it equally blind.

Love is a poem I wrote you and promptly forgot for at the time, the poetry of my soul was garbage to me and selfishly I decided getting lost on the road was an adventure reserved only for me.

Love is a poem I can never recall from the vaults of time and memory.

Love is a poem without parallel in it’s description indeed it’s every detail for though speaking through the muddled clouds of my discontent I spoke, I sang such an escape of my suffering and comedy I’m sure confused we’d all laugh and cry.


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