What will it take? A Poem

Today I was sad and no one cried for me,
I was sad to day because you see the world has gotten so very sad
and sadness saddens me
I cried today and tears meant nothing
for no one saw them on my face
they were watching screens
forgetting how tears could trace
I could not laugh this morning
because although the sun was warm
all the warmth the world could hold
was stolen from the poor
I could not smile this afternoon
for though I have many friends
those standing next to me
would never stand there in the end
I died this evening with a heavy heart
leadened by a poisonous weight
inhumanity had seeped on in
extinguishing all I could create
For I have the heart of an artist
one that bleeds just and true
and if you think you have one
beware they’ll crush yours too

The world right now is turning
outside the sight of eyes
of the people for the people
cleverly dispatching lies
to all the towns and villages
through neutral, flat screen, wide screen faces
that every day look more like yours and mine
They tell us that we are free
for a nominal fee of our labor, rights and just $99.99
Just pick up your freedoms at the convenience store
located on every block
these stores are local, regional, national, international, interplanetary in design
We know where our money goes: not here
but where from does there right to sell me my right come?
perhaps it’s made by children for pennies, found heads down on the ground
or illegal immigrants we don’t want to live but work here until we send them home
where do they make these rights that were thought to have once been mine?
do they mine them with the dirty coal and diamonds down in the rough,
closed down and killing people as long as we get our stuff
“forget that right of mine” I said “I don’t need that here
just give me home appliances and teach me how to fear”
I sound like any other washing dishes to feed my richer brother
so that I’ll get some scraps some day as they trickle down the plates
watered down and refused by all, edible to the poor
of which as you look around there seems to be more and more and more
The Iron Heel is coming, crashing down upon our heads
but keeping our heads down is exactly what we must do
if a dog wants to be fed
for begging is unbecoming of any bitch or hound
but some at the dinner table above don’t really mind
giving what they don’t care to eat, and some of the most charitable guests
will even serve us meat!
So beg a little, but not too much, and you might get a bone,
but don’t go barking or calling out those that took your homes.
for in full force which like the night they’ll cut you down to size,
that fits quite well in a pine box that’s sinking down some well
which in turn will poison us, that drink from that same sink
so don’t for my sake start bearing arms unless you’re in the NRA
which is cool and fine and neat, mobilize yourselves to be their armies treat.
Pacifists you all must be for you don’t budge an inch
from your couch or computer chair
for they’ve got your porn when you’re feeling down and low and mean
so you can get up stand tall and come then leave the scene.
They’ll masturbate you for you as long as you don’t make a sound
that’s not erogenous for their things that inhuman nature can be found.

A call to action, a call to arms
that sweat and yet don’t fire
for the fire we need is in our hearts
bullets are their power
which can only pierce flesh and blood
and bone and brain and marrow
but if you’re something more than that
we can fight for that tomorrow
the tomorrow that we dream about
and know in our souls is still alive
dormant, waiting, resting
for the battle that is coming
to be bloodless and yet bloody
for wars always have two sides
but I will not lift a finger
to the man that would stop my life
I’m fighting for much more than my corporeal form
see I have an idea that I and you and all are free
with rights over your whole self, body, mind, soul, beliefs
upon which none can intrude
I have no battle to fight, no blood to suck, no life to take
That’s their job
I’ve just an idea, right, belief, which with them I’d like to debate

And for this I’ll be dead someday

so when you despair as you do now deep in your hearts where we hide our deepest fears
Down where your mother and father made you into whom and what you truly are
down where it’s so dark inside you cannot see, feel, think, know, taste, smell or touch
down where you can only deny or ignore,
down where you believe
down where you love

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.” -Mahatma Ghandi


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