Return to Center

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by this love,

that if I am not my best I am failing miserably

how unworthy of me to think that I could be when I am not

on my best behavior.

Maybe it comes from staying up too late and waking up just as late, I’m not really getting out of my day what I want from it, I want to get up and go and run and be ready for tomorrow, and somehow I feel myself constantly behind never ready, never prepared for what tomorrow is already bringing over today. I need to get going. I need to get up, I want to run and stretch and dance and sing. These things are part of my life, and yet they are not part of my day and therefore, are not of my life. It is a self loathing worse than any ill thought words or phrases, a self comparison lacking all but my real truer self. Discipline is the art of loving greater the self, the cause and the art. Steel yourself Michael to become the rock solid critical mass of potential. Put such childish things beside and aim towards your own higher goals, and where you can not find nor see them, prepare thyself as stone so that you will not be rocked by whatever is to come. Many paths lay themselves out before you, time to choose one, right or wrong. Let us then put on industrious airs and call thyself the Direct Act of God- an artist and strive to make your own art as corporeal as your own bod.


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