A Birthday Poem I did give you

So that rocks.

I’m wearing bunny ears and socks

(don’t worry that’s not all folks)

(Though Birthday suits are best)

speaking of…


They say it’s your birthday

-They don’t know us,

It’s only you’re birthday-

If you want it to be

so if you do…

dance funky chickens dance
throw parties without pants
shpeaken ze deutch?
parle vouz france?
hablar espanol?
Put some english on it
and blow like the wind
candles go out
spirits here for one wish
wish it and make it
and turn upside down
and yours will come true
all lickety split
with zip-a-dee-doo-dah
and a rip-a-cheep-peep
we’ll zalakadoo you a bebop
with some hip-hoppin’ knees
eyes all like lasers
we’ll salute you with pie
pie heaven tastes better
but I can’t tell you why.
Cake candles and ice cream
I scream laugh and cry
loves all to one dear
one dear’s all to love.

– in a week’s time –

I’ll bring you the spring dear

’cause you gave me the sky.


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