Day 7: Sing it

One week down, feeling good, it’s getting easier, it’s feeling better and better. Told my boss today I wouldn’t be back for another year. So I’ve sealed that exit off. I talked to Petro yesterday about wanting to sing in a band, feeling like I could do it, and do it well. He mentioned Pete’s band had no singer, it might be worth a try. How crazy would that be joining a band and just giving it my all, touring around and making people go fucking wild. I grew up with all these musicians around me thinking shit I’m nothing compared to them, but you know what- I got soul- and you can’t take that shit away from me and you can’t make soul, you can study it but you can’t learn it. And while your voice might sound nice and you’re right on pitch and technically you’re really good, I’m not technically good- I am good, I might not be totally on pitch but maybe I don’t mind so much, maybe I’m willing to go places you’re too afraid to explore, maybe I’m not afraid of my mistakes, shit I’ve got enough of them right. Well soul’s what I got sista and shit you can’t beat that, when I’m singing down the street and you can’t bear to walk beside me ’cause I’m drawing attention and baby guess what, you’re not the one they’re lookin’ at, you’re not the one they’re groovin’ to, cause baby you ain’t got no soul hidin’ in the shadows when the sun’s shinin’ down her magic right on you. Shit, ain’t nuthin’ you can do to me, lest you got some soul but you ain’t.

Lesson of the day: sing it loud and proud


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