Though April Showers My Soul still Flowers

Gloomy hailed the coming rain
But I
Chose to enjoy it
And when she blew her mighteous winds
Threatening all who would come before it
I stood and withstood and stood again
In rainy wetness covered black soul
And arose absolved of all I’d done
The day before
And the day before
And the day before
And stand in rain drops
As a man stands in rain drops
Tall and unyielding
To the icy scorn
Drip drop drip drop
Went her painted mellows
Rainbow in reflection
Dull on their own
And I walked on unscathed by rain
And drank the poison to pass it through my soul
And spat it out again as nothing more than rain
Drip drop drip drop
The pitter patter of her childrens feet
Upon tin roofs and musty shelters
Accompanied my foot steps down amber hills
Into my vale of green.

And still she thunders
Tis not but blunders
I’ll get you in my clutches
Ensnare smiles with snakened hairs
With stony stares she beckons “look! Look! Look!”
And I look away without much care and leave her by the way
You can’t help wicked eyes
No matter how fair
“if all is fair in love and war, I’ve done no wrong in love, and I’ll do no more in war”
She yells quite after
And I flick her cigarette right back to her
I’ve had enough of smokin’ mirrors
I climb a tree and relax with my pen
Writing horrors spake by the unclimbing gorgon
“I’ll threaten no more if you’ll just change my name so history will look on’t more favorably”
Perhaps the quiet pen is mightier then
Than the louder word outspoken


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