Worm Hole to the Big Apple

I’m always rather frightened, at least just a bit, by the prospect of actual travel, although the concept also intrigues me to a fantastic degree.  Whether through complete reticence “Wait!  No I don’t want to go…” or more commonly “Ooo, I just forgot I had to go do this other thing that I completely forgot about, can’t do it sorry guys” and other assorted intentional vagueries.  These excuses lead only to the quietest of calamities housed within the fortress of a sheltered existence.  Not sure I want to take those few steps onto that train, onto that bus, into that cab, that car and get up and go someplace.  That’s terribly frightful.  “What am I doing?  “Where am I going?” “How am I getting there? ” “Where am I now?” Questions that plague this self of mine whom you can find, right now, running circles in a labyrinthian mindful of doubt.  “Do I want this new experience?  I’ve so enjoyed my previous experiences.  Why can I not stay with them?”

Honestly I am scared.  Ridiculously so.  I am, at times, absolutely horrified at the prospect that these new experiences might bring- what?  I do not know.  The fear of the unknown.  More likely however is the fear that I will be unable to process or to function these new experiences.  Or more accurately, the fear that I may not find success, happiness, friends, acceptance, or Love, in these new experiences.  That is what truly scares me.  I am intelligent enough to understand that regardless of what gifts these new experiences bring, they will bring gifts.  Though as customer service can tell you after the holidays, not all gifts are golden, or wanted, ideal or good ideas to begin with.  Perhaps though I am wise enough to understand that this is life, this is the flow, and all things work out in due time.  And if not then as my father says his mother always told him, and he tells me still today: This too shall pass.  Hopefully it won’t have to come to that.


New Beginnings!  A time for rebirth, time to make a new man of myself and in whatever image I see fit.  Mcgilla has taught me well and I’ve a new skin to prove it.

Now, now that we’ve dealt with the mind-killer let us speak of the radiant excitement that exudes from and throughout my heart as we rush past fields and cars and streets and towns.  The amalgamation of peoples in transit, the exhilerating impersonality of it all.  Rows of eyes only forward cast to the future, to the road ahead, downcast only at the luminescence of productivity or boredom gadgetized and satisfied forthwrite with button presses and mouses clicking.  I hop aboard my time machine and travel forward with strangers through time and space, a wormhole for our future’s sake to our destinations: new journeys.

“Onward Captain! Ho!”

“All aboard!” He cries, and away we go.


One comment

  1. Having been a party to such things, unexpected things……i wish you fortune as great as that when i found you amid the chaos of the everyday world. An honor it remains to have been a part of your experience, and may the cosmos yield to you a similar fate.

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