Begin Again



I guess this what you call the deliberate discipline.

Hello again.  So want to go back to bed but then again I’m not surprised.  I knew that the first week would be the toughest.

My plan?  A few things.  Here we GO!:

The 5 Tasks

A. In bed by 9PM to read asleep (lights out) by 10PM

B. Up at 5AM (at the latest) to write.

C. Bike to work whenever weather and/or work allow.

D. Workout- Run 3 times a week.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 3 times a week (preferably alternating running days) more to come on my HIIT.

E. See at least 1 show/event/etc or go to a museum/gallery/etc per week.


The 5 Goals (by June 24th)

1. Memorize 5 of my best poems.

2. Learn 3 new songs on Ukelele.

3. Learn 2 new monologues.

4. 175lbs.

5. One new body of work (book, painting series, dance, play, etc.)


3 Sacrifices

I. Facebook

II. Video Games (except in groups)

III. Smoking


How does that all sound?


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