Wisdom of a Quiet Walk

To write a play, begin at twilight, the sun has set, the dark takes over, if it is comedy you will reach morning, if it is tragedy you will not.

To write a book, begin in the morning, for we will all watch and wait as the day’s events unfold, turn to darkness and return again to day.

To write a poem, write at noon or at midnight, in the day’s greatest brilliance or the night’s deepest dark, there inspiration hides, else falter from lesser words.

To paint a landscape take a picture, or you will never capture the right moment.

To paint a self portrait, begin yesterday and work your way through today, when it is complete you will find tomorrow.

To paint a still life, don’t, instead paint life, then, within it, find stillness.

To play a clown search for the greatest sorrow, when you have found it- laugh.

To play a tragic hero, search for the biggest joke, and when you have found it- cry.

To play the absurd, pretend the world isn’t.


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