A Christmas Encrusted Candy Caned Creation

Feeling rather awkward
exposing myselves to Macy’s elves
they snap and snap their fingers like a clapping
lapping up my emotion
while the kiddies walk on by
would you like to meet my Santa Claus?
I’ve only got just the one…

Speaking in baby tongues to mothers about their fathers,
sons, talking, with a slytherin smile,
to babes too hot to trot through my backdoors
we need a reshoot! And the children shriek all the more…
Oh the shrieking
never leaving
while the big man laughs next door
and in the next room a blacker Nick
who’s peppered grin appears twice nappy thick
and groans through aisles
human resources clutch to walls
as vagrant childs hide their smiles
through wicked frowns
and amazed aghast
wide staring mouths
and gaping eyes
confront each cherry nose
trespassing boundaries
of forgotten lost and found claims
the Rudolph reigns in his pictures gains
for no one stands between two trees
without a flash, a boom, a bang
of lazered definition
oh so many bars and bars
cornered, the dancing bears,
with wondrous wooden glares
locked in faultless ambition
avoiding curious eyes
and hateful stares.
In the kiosk
a single bulb burns bright
and candy cane dreams perish
with each new customer in sight,
awaiting lines, in lines in lines
awaiting lines, in lines in lines
step right up, right this way
far too many lefts to follow me
stand here, wait here, and trust
the jolly old elf
will presently present himself
to you
to present to you promises
of presents everyone else pays for
so get out your lists,
smile for the camera,
demand your prize with virility
and with false claim, a smile, a boast
he’ll affirm with such tranquility
that when you go to sleep at night
the claws that watch your rest
are saintly claws
that never claw at all,
no, they’ll leave that to the rest!


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