One Follows One’s Own

You so tired!
Skinny off the tracks
Falls down the beaten path
And breaks his neck
On a clucky clucking hen
Diz bizness is in this
I eat mainly do bind
Auto correct my neck
To make me sing “happy!” “One!”
And toe tap my danglin’ feet
Hip hop flip-flop the very balls
Of each, they meet, a treat!
To bleet out eggs like a rooster
To dance the dance of The Hanging Man
To dollop sweets

To each his own
One follows one’s own
Take care of thine spirit
And thine spirit taketh care of you

There are moments of seemingly irrevocable love pouring out of me and there is nothing i can do to stem the tide, I can only redirect you so much, I must reflect you, upon occasion to laugh and smile in your eyes and be gone at last standing in a desert with nothing save for withered tree. Bali Hai echoes it’s gloomy tune on mystery unfolding clouds like a hangman’s fashione du jor


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