Imagine, a Wagon

Imagine a wagon.

Like any mummer’s farce

or Montagues and Capulets

to take the stage at a moments notice


Horse drawn by men on cycles in the shape of elephants

Within this imaginarium lay six beds

men or women can fill them in stead

To each, a task to do, according to their skills

to each, a role to play, according to their talents


Wherefrom they came, an old majestic factory

turning out wagons in each direction

once every six days,

and every actor

in concert with one another

Provide a carbon copy character

3 dimensional on every side


Imagine a wagon

where we’ll live off the country side

and put on plays for every passerby

What would it stop, if they stopped?

And what would it start?


Imagine a wagon,

full of boxes inside and inside them are humans

and swords and great axes

noses and coins and drapery, daisies

telephones and washing boards

clip on ties and glass eyes

doorknobs and flash bombs and broomsticks

and chickens, tubas and trumpets

and warm winter thick mittens.

Boxes with “please open” but really mean “please don’t”

explosions with rattlesnakes

and some that won’t open,

some you can’t open

or wouldn’t if you could

some that you can, it

wouldn’t be right,

you just knew

you couldn’t stand it

Some that won’t open unless they’ve been closed

and some that won’t close once they’ve been opened.


Imagine a wagon,

upon it, a house

where lived six

but put up with more

and only come wishing,

when they knock on your door

to give a performance

“it won’t take up too much time

the TV will still be there,

I assure you,

your cell phone will be fine

It won’t cost you a dollar, it won’t cost you a dime

but if you could spare a few moments, sir or madam,

we can share some of mine.


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