Retro Wisdom or No More Monkey on My Back

I would rather live a life of confusion and overwhelment than boredom
Maybe I am doing the right thing at the right time.
You’re always doing the right thing at the right time
The theme of the night is
Keep it down
But keep it going
Nostalgia for the present
We’re all wondering if we’re young enough
Old enough
Too old or too young
If this is the right time
The right place
The right people
The right thing
The right word
We’re all caught up in this terrible sense of what is now
What is tomorrow,
What should it be
What do I want it to be
We lose sense of something or other
And gain insight into god knows what
For a moment
For a mantra
For a span of time and space and people
In acts
In scenes
In dialogues
And monologues
Soliloquys on why can or can’t
Shoulda or shouldn’ts
Coulda or couldn’ts
Woulda or wouldn’ts
I’m regretting yesterday’s
forgetting nows
In future thinking tomorrow, days
In which I borrow from today
I’ve forgotten which baby I put the corner in
Is baby in the corner?
I must be nobody then.
Shame on me
I love those high dives
Those spandex thighs
I can’t forget my yesterdays
I cannot do but hold them
Yester yearning, my hands cup them, as water
Running from me through every crack
Dreaming on, I’ll be but a truffula truff in a truffula tree
Plucked out for your amusement, your cash and your commodities.

Tracked out

I am whole
I am loneliness
I am togetherness
I am for I think I thought I was
I may, will be
Move over monkey man


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