Let me Pray




I need a fertile Earth

Goddess I can worship
On any given Sun day
Beg down at the knees
And speak in rhythms
In tongues, to please
I need fertility
In your greener pastures
To grow, grow, Grow!
Reap a real harvest
All curves of flesh, and bone
Make me tummy grin
Seeds sow, slow sow
I kin hear the wind a-rustling
Through the leaves
And I know- no, no
The goods come up
And down
Make me swear, sweat, groan
Under her

hot Sun

I can feel me timbers shiver

Oh, oh, oh!
I need a body water


Coat me down
Quenching thirst
I sup up upon her riches
Sacrifices, wet her first
The sea comes calling
Bidding me out from land
And I come falling
Onto knees, softly, sand
Cunningly I toss the ocean’s breeze back
And drink from her, salty, sweetness, snack
I’m swimming in infinity without an isle in sight
I have no need for trees
With the tide, I’m flowing, floating, billows billow bright
Awake at day, awake at night
I float upon her
Reflections, moony eyes
And stare into forevermore
And ever more swallow- faithful shipwright

I need a wind- to carry me up on high
I am a pilot
A wright brother- light
In early days in taking off
Sitting clouds would call to me
And I would sit, in my cockpit
And zoom in my spinning room
Zoom, zoom, ZOOM!
I’ve got such wings to carry me
To the peak of heaven’s lips
And dance upon the neck of chance
For perfumed air and breath of life
The incense crawls into your skies
The stink of me in new dawn’s pink
I’m reaching for your stars
And tweak, tweak, tweak!
Mmm mashed potatoes
Make smoosh such cumulonimbus breaks
I pick up speed
Raise altitude
And peak, peak, peak
Lightning flash
Your thunder booms
Into the night streak, shriek, peak.
Crash landing from out the clouds
My head falls,
Dizzy, down
Thus comes the ether’s sleep

I need a fire, primordial spark
I’m in love

Let me dance about your heat
And in that warmth I’ll cuddle you
Carbon proofs
In me
Make the hunger
Roast delectibly
Hungry beaver
Come to gnaw some wood
There’s more heat in my coals
Supplies- my forest- good.
I reach for another log
Burn the pyre higher, higher!
I sacrifice myself to gods
Burned away
I would.
I burn now from your insides out
And feed another flame
I light each torch before the porch
Your altar’s pitch and stain
Burn me, burn me, burn away
Into your flaming pit
And there within your goddess heart
I will pray and sit

Looking for a snake goddess
To wrap me all around
And swallow me whole
So that we’ll know
Love feeds the whole world round
I’ll lay deep within inside
And side by side and on all sides
I’ll feed you just my good.


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