Vibe: In the Event you Survive the Apocalypse…

A little something I wrote for work.  Might keep on with this idea…


In the event you survive the Apocalypse you’re going to need to do a number of things. The most important of which is finding people- the right people, intelligent, skilled, tough as nails but with the emotional capacity to withstand the horrors of the a new and broken world. People, like you. You’ll need to find these people, add them to your team of bad asses and form a new age of man, before anyone else does. As the world falls into chaos and destruction there will undoubtedly be those who wish to continue the carnage, people who will destroy those very same people that you, and the future of humanity need, or they may even turn them against you, using their, or even your ability to do good in this world to wreak more havoc instead. Therefore we here at Zami, the last bastion of hope for humankind have forged in the synaptic fires of our dome pieces a most ingenious app for the coming unslaught. It’s called Vibe. You can use it to communicate, anonymously with people around you purely based on your proximity. As though you were to yell with all your might into the black of night so that your voice might be heard by some wayfaring wanderer. Only this won’t hurt your throat, or your pockets. Though we have toiled for a great many years to create this app as part of our contingency plan for an end of times scenario, at great expense to our personal lives. We feel it only right to offer man’s only hope for salvation for free on the app store. You’ll be able to take pictures, record audio, create videos and type out messages out there in the oblivion of tomorrow for whomever to hear. You can find out more on:
Our Blog:

This is Soldati, signing off, see you in another world, Planet Earth.


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