The Missing Tears Trail Mists

A Secret Tree Leaf

I share tears with everyone
I shed them for friends
For love
For family
For art
I shed them at the theatre
I shed them on porch steps
I shed them on rooftops
I shed them in beds
Where are my own tears?
Where have I shed them?
Did I lose them in the shower?
Did I lose them in the sink?
Have I lost them in a game of cards?
Have I lost them on the battlefield?
Out in the rain? Did they dribble away?
Did I drop them in my pockets and forgotten them with the keys to my car? The keys to my home?
Did I drop them every step of the way?
Have I left myself a trail of tears while I wander through the forest in search of fantasy?
I woulda found my way home, if only I coulda found the path, shoulda been right here.
I’m lost in the woods, losing my way, drifting into the mists, condensed by missing tears.
My tears, where nothing grew, the world grew cold, ghosts rose from the graves of my tears, weeded their way into my senses, an invasive species of the incorporeal.
Through dead leaves they came, leeched their way through the soil and turning into gentle spirits they became my guides, my demons, my gods.  My god they came through the trees, and in the moonlight, and through the wind, it dripped from off the leaves, dancing in the darkness, catching me in every web, a lunatic jig dispossessed of possessions, raved and regurgitated; the Deic bat juice from the mouths of every bird and beast and flower, ate of the tall grass and bite of the bark and gnashed away in him the flame of a ghastly ‘nother, merried on in manic depressions of the chest and took breath of the life from under the stars, called himself by his true name, smothered it in mud and placed it within each tree, Birch, Oak, and Cherry.  Scribed his natural fears onto one, his worldly ambitions to another, to one his last wishes, to none- his dreams.  Let out a mighty song and plucked strings from his own throat, like an instrument of god, a conduit of inspiration, a direct line, the golden rope, found the one action, the one way.
Unshackled his limitations.  And walked away.


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