blank CD Jamspirations #1

And my lemon drops are filled with kindness
There aren’t any knees any more below the belt
The Bible Belt
Split in peas, soups, sides and mind your Q&P’s
Your mother’s mouth gets droopee
When she’s about to hear
Butch’s brew tang-clang-a-rang-round the place
Sun is dry
Telling why
Asking time
Drop low
Eenie minie moe-ee
Keys climb combs come
I smell the blood of an Englishman
Wasn’t he good enough
Chimed around in the wind
A rather blustery day, this today
He droobled a bit up
Double dribbling in between the swamp cats
Swamp bats clung about the air and landed
Surreptitiously upon the beaks of lazy lovey dovers
Tickled, fretting fingers, a neck obscure time
A last midnight refrain the first train to Clarksville, Georgia, and I’ll meet you near the station at the ol’ blues cafe ’cause I’m sad and tired of all this chum gooey numb sty sickle me down in sit bay catch a flu or two of a common ashtray smells like death in hearing, wearing plastic and rubber cemented googlier eyes and eyein’ Moonbeam pies.  Caught me a cancer and get out of loneliness free jail card parking in my park place partaking of each peachy keen and lemon cakes, stuff back my noses full of homeliness, I’ve got a chili pepper for your doctor’s briefcase against you, class action suits brazen and stupid too shivering boots let go with a one note, bristled with pride for a seldom string.


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