blank CD Jamspirations #8

Simpsons didn’t do this
Three legged dance night long legless romance
Legally blonde
Clinically ginger
Criminally brunette
Jet setters playing lots of funeral music for the funk Fest in pairing quatrains with dandy dapper vests
It’s your mother fucking birthday day you came out and said “boy are my arms tired”. You’ll get it when you’re older, in the bathroom watching videos on Vimeo of some Dutch oven piece of down home all American apple cream Boston Pie.  Baked Alaska can’t get me THIS high.  I’m grooving off the side of a lifeboat shitting pants into a stream of consciousness after life afterbirth, before it don’t taste so well, so, well, suck it up the well’s gone dry, only good’s and great’s and golly, miss Molly, got my finger stuck up in that dyke can’t pull it up the town’ll start a fight and just maybe I might get a bit of relish on this gonzo hot dog and get me some ding don’t outta sing sight.  Smiling now be rosy cheeks and hunt down the freckles and blast the baffling bark biter with a bit of barf batter, be better for her.


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