My Morning Rhythms Keep Bothering Me, but…

It was in a dream
I drifted, way into the deep
Worked my way up to the shrimp kin’s lair
Worked away awhile by myself
Really nothing now to bother me
I sailed off

She is left wanting
For being wondered at
And unreclining
I am nothing but unrehearsed
What can you do with a drunken sailor
Who went get up early for the morning
Drips in letters with words
Nevermore a wearer of mittens
Typed at key boards amongst irksome kittens
There isn’t any card I can give
There no trucks
Trucks be gone
By gone I mean bygones
Gone by
Let it alone.
Little more in me than dancing dancing for the sisters
Acting out another life
Singing to no one
but the shower head, squirrels and kittens listen.
No more, there isn’t left any thing.


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