“It was always kind of gimmicky” dad said, the world of international espionage, Mr. Bond laid a finger on Mrs. Butterworth’s Butterfinger and Octopussy got her operation, changing genders she should change her name to Octo-something-or-other
Come on, our train, hasn’t left the last station yet and I’m late with my little tiggers inside of me.  One for the money, two for the show, three ’cause your father left me now go cats go!
All this Nantucket Nectar got me in a tizzy over batting eye lily has the let me go keeps on her quality sheets
Between them roach and fly fight for space, warmth, and a bit of crumbs- why I’d say this here must be insect heaven, get more microbial when you get it to leaven crawling over mounds of clothes the buggies they get ya they bite at your toes they chew at your toenails they crawl up your nose.  Now which fine lady wants to meet me here?  In Joe’s Apartment where cockroaches drink beer, come on in and I’ll show you I’m tough I’ll talk down a roach; he knows I mean business and then look at that fly, I’ll argue him out of flyin’ ’round this here guy.  Have dinner, before it freezes, on my collapsible table, hot water got plenty if you don’t mind the tap, the coffee makers old just give it a love tap.  Lay you down beneath my heated blanket just the way I like it freezing above while toasty below and who knows what you’ll find amidships the throw.
Don’t assume it was left by accident the guy down the way is just playing a shooter with the volume up so you can hear that be shoots good.  And the loony tunes next door only play until 4 after that it’s old movies that MST3K was made for.


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