Game Rules: Sixth Rule

In the hamper I left a creature with eyes like ties and feet like shirts, tangled up in the blouses ears like bras and whispy little zipper fingers. Chews on cats and pick up Lego bars and makes a teeth of them into a mouth collecting nickels and dimes.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you get your knickers lost. It never even made it to the wash cycle it was garbled up by The Haunted Hamper, heaps of flannel dreams have seemed to unseam at the seam it seems, right off the hook and it’s wrinkled it’s way out of existence, a wrinkle in the fabric of time, bold mold gets a hold of your breath, dries out the smiles pigstyles for miles of caky, ripping dress. With big mean nasty ol’ teeth. I warned ya, but no, not you, oh no
Not you…


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