Muppet Blues

Album.brownears-731821After the break:

[Ralph on the keys, daytime in a dark jazz club, smokes a cigarette intermittently between songs, sips a dark ale, ashtray on top of the piano along with a coaster for his beer.]

“Yea it’s a good life for the Big Green, least it was back in the day.  He still pops in every so often, hops in with the band, a banjo solo or two and bounces.  You know, the guy’s been through a lot.  Doesn’t say much when he does come in, but he plays some mean river blues.  Frog get’s down, and for a moment you can almost see him smile atop a high E sharp, playin’ some Muddy Waters…  God I love that frog…  It all changed after Jim died.  He was inconsolable, wouldn’t get out of bed most days.  Didn’t help that he and Miss Piggy were separated, they weren’t married yet in those days.  I think she and Frank were fooling around again or something in those days.  Anyway one day he got up, grabbed is banjo, took off in the Great Fog of ‘92 and we didn’t see him again til Hoggle finally found him in a bog somewhere.  The two stank for ages, let me tell you.  It’s not easy being Green, Fuck!  It wasn’t easy being a dog around those two.  I mean you know, havin’ a good nose can run you into trouble, but I’d rather be back in San Quentin after my coke run, then get near whatever infernal stench that was.”


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