Bob outta Bodies

And maybe the world wasn’t meant for strangers

maybe there’s some kind that are

but not ours

not our own, that’s for damn sure.

we’d banish ’em quickly enough

with a swift kick to the solar plexus

and out the air lock they’d go.

I’m all ears now

watching, waiting, listening-

for another kind.

They don’t take my calls anymore, it’s gotten so slow, so boring

I’ve become a master of twiddling thumbs,

I’ve twiddled them long enough.

If there were others they might wonder what I could do with such twiddled thumbs

“not much” I would offer them and hem my thoughts to myself.

Always have, always will.

It’s a lonesome place out here at the edge of the world,

but someone’s got to do it.

So I’ll do it, just fine.

Hmmm, those were the days though, those days before my exile.

Why I would laugh and cry at the same time it was so exciting-

blowing the heads off of rabbits in the back yard.

No one seemed to mind none, so’s I started doing the same to people.

Now suddenly everyone’s got an opinion.

Lucky for me they liked killers, so they gave me a job instead.

Sit here at the end of the world, and pick off strangers from a distance.

Don’t get much conversation here, seein’ as how they don’t like me askin’ questions and all.

But I don’t mind, I just like watching they’s guts pop out.

Mighty fine livin’ if you ask me, if you can stand the loneliness that is.

I could at first, but then, when you start gettin’ on in yer years ya start to wish ya had a little company.

That’s why I invented you, Bob.  You’re the best buddy a pal could ever want.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Now I sewed you up good didn’t I?

Well there was just too many gosh darn parts lyin’ around, I thought to meself- well heck, might as well.

Don’t know how much you remember- you been brain dead for awhile.

But today you get yer ears, and tomorrow, I think I might find you a pair of eyes.  I always wanted a blue-eyed boy, blonde hair and all.

We’ll see if we can’t find one or two of ’em.  Rare these days, but heck, what ain’t?

There now, you can hear and everythin’.

Let me tell you, we’re gonna have some fun together ain’t we?

Sum day, when you gots some arms and hands and all, I’ll teach you ta shoot.  Ain’t nuthin’ like it in the whole gall dang world.

Honestly ain’t much else to do anyhow.

Now I tell you, a lot of these folks say they’re normal, decent human beings.

Some of them say they want help.

But don’t listen to ’em ’cause they all liars.

Know how I know?

Cuz I read it in a book once.  Yep.

That and The Voice told me so.

Oh that’s right.

You don’t know The Voice yet do you.  Well you two will get acquainted real soon let me tell you.

The Voice is what you might call an authority figure.  The Voice sees everything even when you’re in a dark room and you got your pants down, The Voice knows what you’re doin’.

I think they got some high powered X-ray telescopes up in the clouds or sumthin’.

Anyway The Voice is the one that gave me this job- ain’t it great.  And The Voice said I could make you in my spare time, as long as I keep shootin’ all thems strangers.  So I keeps shootin’ and I get to make you outta whatever’s left.  Ain’t that great?

Aww, gee, Bob, we gunna have just the bestest time ever!


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