I’m just a Teen-aged Tantrum, Baby

Wow, seriously.  Poptarts?

Seriously…  It’s my own face, I can do what I want with it.


get off my back ya damn monkey scratchin’ back napper.

Right about now I owe you nuthin’.

So ya’ll can just leave me a loan.

I gots nobody and I wants nobody.

-Said plenty of people, probably all the time too.

Is it silence more passive-aggressive or sarcasm?

I can’t tell.

Obviously I’m jubilant over the whole think.

Fap off you jeebus needer

.I hate Olive Garden because they think I’m family.

Well I don’t see no Fuckin’ Olives, OG so you can suck it.

Someone gimme a drink.

I’ve been waiting for this exile.

Who cares if I’m in Ukraine.

I don’t speak the language,

and it’s honestly better that way.

Any fuckin’ weed here?  Seriously?


Sure- I’ll do some goat’s milk.

What’ll it do to me?


I just need a straw.


Damn that packs a punch.

Where’d you say you get this?

Oh you don’t know either.

Well hopefully from a goat ya tacky mask master.

God, I’m gonna screw you all ways in and out with nothing between us but a bedsheet with a hole in it.

I hope you find this amusing- because I’ve been hating you the whole time.

I’ve got your face plastered on my screen and I’ve thrown darts at it without much success.

Nothing sticks- so I’m outta here

And you can forget the funny pages, I took ’em all with me, and I’m getting out of here- alive, unfortunately.

Thank you Beef Jerky for saving me from a life worth living

I can’t stand the smell of fruit stands

I’m draining my puss into my martini glass,

this Manhattan tastes like shit

I’ve been bleeding three ways til Sunday and all I want is something dirty to clean myself off with.

I’m going hunting in the woods with Dick Cheney

I figure that way I’d have something to apologize for.

I’m an angsty teenager and I’ve spilled scribbles on the floor.

None left for you to pick up and get off my face if you don’t like the look of it.

Forget I’m your Sun and pack up your needy bags because you left it all for a box of nothing.

There is nothing left, and nothing left and nothing will ever hide me.

Happy fucking birthday and go spit on my grave with your sob story tears.

I’ll be glad when I’m done here and I’m so pumped that you gave a shit.



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