Road Sigh

Emerald, for as far as the eye could see, grey streaks run through it pell-mell, turn to dust at a moment’s notice, carcasses strewn about, left behind,  flat wasteland rolling hills into trees, breeze picks up, moo, and a cacophonous harmony fills the ear from afar on all sides, smell only dung, this was a nice afternoon…

Wake the dog, car alarm, phone buzz, ring, it’s your dad, 40 in a 65, are you kidding me?  Only country, only gospel, only pop.  Goddammit 40 in a 65?!  Run right over it, no more bebop, show tunes, way out at the gas station, I’ll just catch up later.  Out of mustard.  And- again?!  Are you following me, in front of me?  Everywhere I go, there you are, 40 in a 65.  Passing strange, covers of covers, harmonica solo, you look at the road, you look at your cell phone, someone’s texted you, it’s your mom.  Look up at the road, pass ‘im, acoustic, look at your phone, Spring Awakening to 100 degrees.  Step in time my ass, no passing zone, learn to drive.

Raven ahead, abandoned, feathers torn, taken, black body, curvy folding hard, take it, take it, nevermore, coon fellow, dead, robber rubber, tire tired, iron life, iron price, laying flat can’t take that, revolve no more.  Dodge, dodge, dodge.  Doggone dog gone and died, sold the fahrm, she’s not gonna like this, tracks rumble stripped forever, red, red, red.

I said RED!

Stops sign everywhere, forget it, one way, window down, nothing better doing, riding, driving, roaming, sir charge, no service anywhere, fill up before you get there, ain’t anywhere, county lines, bridges, bridges rivers together, slow down, blue lights, horizon melts into itself, mirage-rage-rage, children road running, black, tar, mack’s in the back, I’ll get him for you.  Want a granola bar?  Silence.  Will you call my name?  Watertower speaks to me, tells me everything I need to know- Water- water, water everywhere just for cornholes and cows, send in the clowns…

They sang an opera here once, it was forgotten and no one knew the words, it was left in the Earth, it was dug up, it was fed to cattle, it was fed to children, it was fed to birds, a great drama in song wrested from our breasts, rests in our tummies, with the rest of the yummies.  Here is where it began, steam rolled it into a fine cigar, smoke for centuries, burn bright, short…

Put it out.

Keep the sleep out, keep the eyes up, laugh, force smiles, windowpen,


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