Reloading Sanity Workouts into my Brain Function (Part 7)

TV on the radio should change their name to “Just Radio Actually” because if it’s on the radio, it’s actually just radio.  Unless the TV is on top of the Radio.  In which case, carry on.  PS: I prefer my radio on top, then again, I don’t have a radio… or a TV for that matter.  Just a new ultra proprietary 16GB iPhone 5 from Apple complete with the Apple Maps, Passbook and The Game Center Apps!

I am not amused.  By elephants.  Oh wait- yes I am.  I LOVE elephants.

So now we know the author is a liar, or he’s just on something- like a chair, at like, a nice desk, sipping cocoa, or bourbon, or cocoa and bourbon, cocoaubron or bourocoa.

I should try that out…

Nuff of this, what the fuck I been thinkin’ about.


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