Reloading Sanity Workouts into my Brain Function (Complete)

The cruel poverty of their adult adolescence taught them to know peace in nothing, to invent again, to invest in their imaginations.  A great runaway, the both of us, marriage suited the road, as the road suited their marriage, rocking on to some motorcycle dreams where your hair billowed in black and white, red ribbon lets it fall, floats into sky, the title of our story, the names of our characters, the villains, the heroes, or most notable actor, but it’s really more of a walk-on, I mean it just barely got to Cannes.  It canned.

I never read Cannery Row, but I hear it’s about playing kick the can, or some guy does, maybe it’s in a cannery or something, like I said, never read it.  But it all takes place on this one street, called, you got it “Cannery Road” my favorite ice cream flavor, Rocky was too much for me, Bullwinkles give me cramps anyway, and anyway, not anyways but anyway, so anyway, there I am, with a Mother Moog playing jazz Bass, and skippy-da-rink the Golden Goose, right there, that’s what I’m talking about, some god damned, Moose Tracks Ice cream right there in the middle of the woods, cryin’ my eyes out to the tune of “Jenny’s Got a Gun” sitting a stump muttering to myself “this is so good” with melted spoony goodfuls vanilla, peanut butter poop cups and chocolatey velvety ribbons, see there’s that ribbon again, end of the story, that’s what you think, right?  I know- but it’s not.  Get it?  So there I was on the end of the stage peering over,  and asked myself “are we gonna do this?”  And you know what I said back “Yea, we fuckin’ am” and then I pulled the spider-man mask over my face, and robbed Zack’s grandmother of any valuables, namely her virginity if you know what I mean…  Up top!

People have been saying some very funny things lately.  Yo tambien?  Funny, funny things.  Things that like, you know, funny, you know funny, yeah, those kind.

There’s gotta be some legislation on this man, if there isn’t, well there should be man.  Things like this don’t happen everywhere, this isn’t what we came here for, this isn’t what it’s about, it’s about what’s right, what should happen, what we want out of our own experience, and how does what we are doing fit in with that.  Because if this is the environment that we deem acceptable, I cannot abide it.  No matter the system, there is a solution, there is a way forward with this.

There is only change.

Guide it as you will.


I slumped in my corner and destroyed 30 years worth of a man.  No more than the boy that would bite, the girl that would climb, a staircase of dreams come tumbling down and gone is the head of your first born for the sake of claims they raised in the fields with pitchfork and torch and torch away, torch away homes.  The Never-Unafraid, Ever Cautious mummy, bumpers on all sides, breast feeds til 9 and pine sol in your soup.  “I just wanna take care of you.” A Toy Story like baby doll head stuck atop it’s erector set spiders away in the light, scampers under your bed, alien facehugs you in your sleep, until you start shitting life like poop, peeing real pee and eating real food.  Life sized plasticity in motion just turn the crank and watch you get wound up over work and deadlines and little black felt tipped magic markers, fountain pens and three hole punches, Dancing in the mist of the morning pot is Veronica and Greg, whose skirt makes her years seem a trite observation on your part, she takes cream in her coffee, French Vanilla Coffee Mate.  Not bad.  Better bring her some Baileys.  Bitches love Baileys.  Damn, I love Baileys, Oh!  Greg.

Say it with a Minnesotan accent now, yeah just like that, don’cha lyik theat now, don’cha.  I betcha du, yur mIE leattle beitch ain’cha, oh yee-ahh, oh! Ryte there, oh ya, oh ya, ya, ya…

That was good, wasn’t it?  I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t interested in your accent, I mean I think you’ve got a great accent.  Don’t make that face, I do, I love your German, I really do.  It’s just that Minnesotan really just gets the job done you know?  I mean, when I’m ready you know, I mean when you’re ready for me to be ready for you.  I want to be ready for you, you know?  I’m ready…  I’m ready right now.  It’s the Minnesotan though, really.  Just call Soda “pop”

The Strokes, right?  How about those guys huh?  I could do strokes all day.  All night, I would love a stroke right now.






And I eat a Hamburger, and you hamburgle me you hamburglar, unhamburgle me this instant!

“I think Grandpa needs to go to the bathroom again mom, he’s talking funny again.  I hate wiping his butt all the time.  Can’t we get him like a diaper or something.  Seriously.”

Somebody get this guy a hamburger!

Two hamburgers please!

Do you want cries with that.

Well…  Maybe just a small.

(Cry)  Boo-hoo, wah wah.

Now onto something significantly more important

JELLYFISH and other entanglements

Chapter 1: Girlfriends

Chapter 2: Spiderwebs

Chapter 3: Quantum Entanglement

Chapter 4: Tangella

Chapter 5: Jellyfish

Chapter 6: Octopussy and other Tentacled Pornagraphy

Chapter 7: Bibliophiles

Chapter 8: Venture Capitalists

Chapter 9: The Bog of Eternal Stench and the Philosophical Tendencies of Puppets

And Finally

Chapter 10: Long Jokes


TV on the radio should change their name to “Just Radio Actually” because if it’s on the radio, it’s actually just radio.  Unless the TV is on top of the Radio.  In which case, carry on.  PS: I prefer my radio on top, then again, I don’t have a radio… or a TV for that matter.  Just a new ultra proprietary 16GB iPhone 5 from Apple complete with the Apple Maps, Passbook and The Game Center Apps!

I am not amused.  By elephants.  Oh wait- yes I am.  I LOVE elephants.

So now we know the author is a liar, or he’s just on something- like a chair, at like, a nice desk, sipping cocoa, or bourbon, or cocoa and bourbon, cocoaubron or bourocoa.

I should try that out…

Nuff of this, what the fuck I been thinkin’ about.


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