No More Boo Hoo

No More Boo-Hoo
The Hang, in Brooklyn
I really like where my life is headed, I think now more than ever it has become incredibly clear what my life is, who I am, my art, yadda yadda yadda.
I will be a witty tweet someday
And people will remember me to their friends for 30 days, but really only popular for two. What joy it would be to be an Internet meme, where everyone can use me as a device to better explain their lives.
And there’s a man, still waiting under a street lamp
Waiting at the end of time
The fan blows by, rustles papers on the wall
Death walks the streets, alone at night, enrobed in tricks played on your eyes, around the corner fudge is made, milk, milk, lemonade stands in the corner, baby isn’t there, you smile at them, and wave, you’ve disappeared now, you’re lonely and tired and wet and gosh darnit don’t I just wanna go home, you ink what they say, you can never go home, it’s a make-believe place that you only believe in as kids, like the Santa Claus God, or moral imperatives concerning your Johnson, and Johnson didn’t care, never did. You can’t take it back, you can’t take it with you either, it’s all done, and the show’s over so “GO – oh, got you there, cause you can’t it’s a trick of the universe, a cosmic joke played out in double your money back lifetime satisfaction guaranteed, double mint gum, doubles her pleasure, for him, the last of him, seen on the door, Nally, get me a Sally dog, I’d go bitch crazy for a scratch and sniff, whip Willy while you’re at it and wind up Wanda’s Wonderful Wonder Wand so you’re ol’ aunt Bessie could have a sip or two, this evening, round the table, let’s join hands, everybody?
Bless you, oh lord and these
They gifts
Which we are about to recieve,
Your boogers your nose candy
I thought this was a nose picking party
Pardon me
Napkin, thank you
Get your water back?
She won’t remind either, remember me?
I remember you were a kind of September
Fingers in your short hairs
Stars above are bleeding
Someone poked holes in their twinkles
Flares up
Real bad, whenever I take a bath, George likes to wash my feet,
I let him, I’m a sucker for a scrub
Dub duh dub dub dub!
As little punctuation as possible is the best way to write any biblical narrative, for those who’ve seen my spirits there’s Spirits 2: Down Under where the Chipmonks go… How much do they cost, I mean, want do I owe you ? Oh PS I’m not eating that please don’t shoot me, just put your high beams down and take off my shoes . That’s a nanny nickel for you, go ahead…. In the jar, are you in the human league? Perhaps a baseball league, I don’t watch of course but I’ve been rooting for ya like a devil , give me some sugar honey? Thank you honey for the sugar.


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