NH Ramble #1

So I’ve got this idea.
You see there’s a bit of an epidemic in this state, our youth are all leaving, at an alarming rate. They’ve all gone off to bigger cities all across the country, leaving behind only the few that have decided to settle down into marriage, house markets and baby making. Which is cool- we should support our youth to go explore, and it’s cool people are off getting married even though that’s really weird (of my high school group of friends I’m one of only three that aren’t already married or in a serious committed relationship). Whatever is a bachelor to do?! JK, I’m actually really comfortable about where I am by myself. But speaking with a good friend of mine the other day hearing him relent about the lack of available young women, it came up again- our missing youth population. Every year NH is flooded with college students headed to some of the finest state schools in the country, not to mention Dartmouth or Franklin Pierce. Colleges inject an absurd amount of business and culture into every community they touch. It’s fantastic, youth culture is very much alive in places like Keene, Durham and Plymouth and Dartmouth. And while this cultural impact does spill over into neighboring communities, it’s only through the school year and tend to exist on the fringes of those communities. Sure we get a few street performers in Portsmouth, but it’s really not a youth culture. Despite it’s intellectual properties Portsmouth is still a shipyard town, not that there’s anything wrong with that, some of my best friends work at the shipyard, everyone loves our beautiful harbor and there’s the distinct feeling here that if we were pressed we could probably fight a bear and win. That’s awesome. I love the granite perspective, but we’re not really teaching this love to the next generation. Or rather, we haven’t yet made it viable for youth to pursue this love. There just isn’t enough here. When you think of New Hampshire’s industry- what comes to mind? Textiles from our mills, lumber from our forests, electronic equipment, software and tourism. Tourism- great to visit- not to stay.


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