Arock with Longing Rock

There is this guy I know
His name is me.
I don’t envy him.

I want never to buy a ring, but forge one myself l.

Despite myself my thoughts turn to Rock, and if I could give diamonds I would not, I would carve a rose from my heart make a gift of the flower that only grows upon a mountain and the butterfly that sups only on those soft sweet petals. I am a mess of cowardice that cannot accept a love like yours, I am a mess of loneliness for a one and only key to unlock me, unchain me from a life of haziness, I scream poetry to heavens past and die each night of phoniness and laughing death down to it’s knees, I beg and beg and ask oh please- won’t you see? My lips can’t say the words that I- hoped you’d think that I might- try, try won’t you try and think about me, I can’t sleep without you, I’m pulling hairs out of my chin, where do I begin? ‘Cuz baby know that I can’t sleep at night, waking days spent in a fright that I might not ever hold you again- oh Rock me, Please rock me, won’t you please, please, please rock me- know that I can’t sing without you, don’t think I can live without you, anyway I thought you might ever know I’d like to say goodbye, just like to just say “Hi!” But I know, that you don’t, want to ever speak again. Signed an old friend, back on this old road again.


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