So Much News

So much news,
Much says,
So much news that Much will have to make much brain power to decide which news to tell first.
Maybe I want someone to watch the world burn with
Some more depression to lace ourselves up with some drugs
God I love being in a syringe.
Inject me all addict all over
Her Tipster Hits
I got food jellies when I want ’em and big boxes of more stuff
Than any o’ my neighbors
i need Soma marijuana
And some sunny D
To get my fix
Microwave a potato
She says no fried libido
You got to retreat so
you order a burrito
Say bag-it-up I’ll take it to go
With your pits ’round your navel
Got troubles in tree holes
Now our secrets are evils
Come on barf some up people
While we topple their steeples
Through our cameras and peep holes
Looking in on your wife
Stealing bytes from your life


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