Muddled Mud

And oh,

I know it’s so

Where your good old girl will go

And oh

The seeds we sew

Are not the seeds we thought to grow

Were not the seeds

Were not the deeds

I never find leads

To our mother’s murderer

To our mother’s murderer

Some thing’s fallen

Some thing/s broken

Some one crying

Nothing spoken

Between us, yes, between us

The lives our children sought

Are not what our god thought

What all his children ought

But what does he know about us

But what does god know about all of us

Down in the weeds, distressed and diseased

Yes, what does god know about us

Yes, what does god know about all of us

God made up a woman and man

Told the human where to stand

Go sit in the shade and turn into a snake

And torture his daughter and son

Out of Eden they’d run

Bore murderous spawn

That spawned murderous clans

With their murderous hands

To war over lands,

Kill the man who spreads peace and spreads love.

Die for our sins, the devil wins and wins big

A whole Mediterranean,

The whole European continent

Some Americas, an Africa, an Asia

Australia and Antarctic,

For some reason they’re all vowels

The dark tremors in our geographic towers

Since that time we’ve been working backward, very slowly

The scientists aren’t dead yet

No exile, or beheading, no we just ignore them now

We forget about real, and live for the dream

That men up in clouds could come take me away

Maybe an afterlife, is better than before

So what more could you want from us?

What kind of good could us all more

Yes what kind of good could it be,

The kind of a good that could make us all see

The little good that we could do more.




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