“Only poets speak of moonbeams”

I’ve been thinking about you,
Since forever
Before I ever met you
Images implanted fantasy mind boggled by bog crawlers
Locked on and hatching
A gasmic spectre floating in the night’s sky
Spacey days turned twilit figures hairs extensions to the heavens
I’ll wait for my bus into the nevermore
Shuttled into a blast off of visions radiating into the beyond
Light years ahead of me a shadows pass
Walking by me in the evening
A foot without a trace of steps a stairway into heaven
Sunlight in waves crash upon me and leave a stain for but a moment
Vanished midair and ever present
So like a love for lightne’ers so near the bright
All in moon about her
upon her backdrop
Reaching for a seldom star
Traced it’s race for reciprocal
In all without sight but for glimmers
To know a distance
There is no love like Gravity
To be of man is nothing
In the divine waters of the infinite
The Earth burns most lovely
About Sol ever in her warm arms
Together spinning on and on, for ages
Until death do us part, in hot orgasmic clash and worm holing the reader in a never ending story of time and histories beyond enumerations arrive at their final destination not even it’s final form as one last question is asked and answered in another final fantasy. The end of days that endured longest, that Summer in the waves that boiled away the sea, how I scorched your very soil in anticipation of our atomic reunion we were born in stars and We die there too. Star crossed a universe to melt in your nuclear furnace and be reborn a starchild in your image, I have atoms for you from the first dawn, ever, I have a brightness I made for you in a lightness from first it did light, it’s for your bright, your shady night sharing electrons I had to have occupying the same space at the same time as yours while I am galaxies away millennia ago,
We are memories of each other, from different timelines and stories, pictures from our histories that spoke across their passage into the core of our very being in another realm beyond our understanding, I understood this.

“Only poets speak of moonbeams”


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