Kindling Tinder Fuel

Some call me a tumblr
I don’t sing to birds no more
I just tweet a verse
I total recall a time in which I played a man meant for Mars
Fell to Earth stabbed out eyes with stars
All bound for America old Morpheus’s garbage landbound by dreams you seem to see densely through the trees
Pssst, you’re in a forest,
We killed our father to the thought and fucked our mother’s lands
So you could sit at home fapping, tapping at moonbeams and fantasies that sit at home inside your hand
Figments of everyone’s imaginations and you swipe left, 3 seconds now to put your pinterests to the test, swipe left at all this glory of a life lived on the outside of every silver screen and touch pad computer mice and hashtag, yeah well you can kiss my tinder ass google bye I’m plugged in so I can turn on, my Lord Kanti, embrace the robot heavens beyond the mainframe’s tangled nets and take flight,
Hashtag this:
Get up, and live.
I’ma swipe right to life


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