Of Hopping Trains Again

I just want to be a vagabond daddy

Not a care in the world
Sling my thrills on the backs of boxcars
Hidden in such blues, my chills
The kind that keep me up at night
That I’m stuck now in a different box
Instead of open roads and forever
I’ve got flashing lights and unworn socks
I’m sick of this life in all loneliness
Alone without a road
Adventure dares me on again
as I miss no more of home
The wind calls her name and couches cuddle cold
I whisper things into the sky
The mind wanders never asks me why
I’m too old for this loneliness my youth lost to TV screens
The days I can’t remember hiding from sun and sleep
I forgot what life had to offer
The air up in the hills
Of trying after something
That meant something more to me
I sold myself for some paltry dish
Never went to work
Upon the shrine of my own happiness
I sacrificed my life
Never fell to rise again
But dipped some more
Fingers first
Have I got it now?
Or will it leave me?
This sense of peace and mirth.
I’d rather get lost
So you won’t find me 
At the very ends of Earth.

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