My favorite kind of people are the ones that don’t need cues to go off and do something about their life, or little excuses to have conversation and start a new topic. People that I don’t have to ask- hey what’s your opinion, they just give it to me, flat, and passionate, as an extension of who they are as a human being. Maybe they’re wrong, maybe they’re insane- but I can work with this, I can work with people that give, give their heart and soul in the language that walks between you and me. I try to find this reason why not to love somebody, until I do, and then I try even harder to find a reason not to love someone. It’s a hard game, a hard, hard game getting on between me and you trite things like where’d you put the salt dear? And could you get me one more glass? I asked you a simple question, a little favor to leave, or I’ll break you, fuck your heart, I’ll break all of you and there won’t be a woman left standing that’d want to have this so then I’ll go and break some men. And when all the unbroken men and women have dried up I’d break the children but they’re already broken, I’ll break this mountain back down to sand and the Earth will be a desert upon which I stand solely, maliciously loving the shit turned sour, and plant the world with Spice in lieu of life with destruction in hand, the seeds of forevermore, never more the ghosts stay still, they howl as winds in the night to hear my calling, oh death, pay a visit, to this dying orb, shy it from the light and cast down downcast eyes, blind all but the wicked, Set sees with one eye, between the trees, brother dead beside the leaves, browning things, burn, scouring the very soil of all it’s richness, moisture left the skies, here lay Arakis. Yes I feed, on the stuff of fire, walk with me, life brimming in my cup I drinketh, laughing as it pours o’er and wastes on the ground, in my belly. Devourer, I, conqueror of worlds. I leave crumbs, the seedlings of new life, the snares of more death. Mine your many’d planets, oh, Man, and see what I’ve left for you in the rubble of Mars, on the Moons of Saturn. I dare thou, melt the ice, see what I have in store.

I’ll break you, break you of everything that you shared, held, and loved. Every connection, untethered. Is it not glory? To behold a world ablaze. Walk with me. Watch.


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