The drink ramble that lasted for days when men caved before on knees hands up outstretched to pray

Let me lick them back good daddy The Beholdress seemed to smile, in ninety eyes, footprints jack and Jill

Fetching, such pails of water, my, they milked that for centuries, had a good milking time.

Milk You!

Hey Man, Milk You!

I ain’t running from no otherness

I’m giving up my life

Kidnapped, Planned all along, with midnight monologues

Diagonal blinding of physics, When you altered the rules, the effect was unanimously pie like with charts

We furnished her with a pink power ranger burial in the desert

Maybe we’re all dead inside sally, we’re no longer human, but robots, thinking themselves to be human

A complex organism specifically designed,

You can listen here:



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