Gibberish, from whence I can’t recall (Part 1)

I was talking about Babylon 5, you know that Star Trek Spinoff.

That was Star Trek you know.

Man I’m inspired by a woman that I met over the chips to tell you that you’re not in love with an alien

Nothing alien about love, even alien’s know that

Alien love is just about the most unalien thing going on in this room right now.

I see some very weird shit out here tonight

Folks I’m not afraid of saying what I don’t like to say

Folks I’m not afraid of telling you what I don’t like to hear

But I think you should

Because I’m about to rock your world!

Most African American Spiders are made up of more than 300,000 baby African American spiders

That’s some math for you all

Now check it,

The white America, is home to everybody, so put away your gun daddy we ain’t need nothin’ more to talk about

Yeah well BLAST Daddy, cuz naked like most things ain’t much different is they?

You got your vaginas and your penises and your disambiguated genitalia and every hair of difference in between therein- or out, as the case may be, there were many.


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