Laugh, Cuckoo Berry Laugh

I held sacred such joys as this crowd does the next crowd, I hoppered for the best few, this mate’s pack and lost my ukulele Luna Lovegood, a concert uke-a-baby song nurse, laughs us all along good, up in her cuckoo berry tree, laugh cuckoo berry laugh, get enough upon here, to grant you just one song dear,

Laugh, cuckoo berry laugh, pennywise crackers with a dark prince, singing

Laugh, cuckoo berry taff- he really Willy Wonk’d yah, so silly that he tonk’d ya

Laugh, cuckoo berry gaff tape that we need down the hall, 5 minutes to call everyone, 5 minutes to call

Laugh, cuckoo ber-jiraffe neck long, long legged so to reach with lips, little bits of tree’s green fingertips

Oh Mr. Pip!

Laugh, cuckoo berry daft punk’d you like a kid singing quid pro did, til I clocked him once over with a trash can lid

High up sober on Glass-Steagal act like a heart attack, I want my money back, cuz this banana lunch is over and my backs outta whack I got Obama thank. *Wink*

I gotta get out of New Vegas, I gotta go back before we all played this, I’ll see you back in time, we got to get the engines primed before we run out of time when the planets aligned!

(singing)               UH OH
The tapes to unwind


Sweet memories to find


We’ll fabricate Space/Time

We’ve never been so kind


AYE-Aiih-yi-yi YA!

Los been to Whales?

We’re just buildin’ some jailes

Full of felons and nails

And there ain’t getting out-a-this NO HOW

I’ve been lyrically dreaming of some prisoners singin’ and he don’t look as mean as he seems

The fellow walking on to the end of noose and they all found out- what’s below the gallows

So don’t find out about the jailer or the banker or the slaver or the master because that ain’t gonna get you anything better than cookies and cream oo-baby I like it sweet, so much better on your feet these messages before the ending, pirated copies of Amazon Women on the Moon have been found in your


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