Alone in the I

I don’t like things in my eye, blew down the boulevard with a smile as my beard blew my bicycle by the wayside and I arose, with sand in hair, and grit in eyes, a quintouple experimence, I would’ve laughed for all the world.

We departed post haste and never let a brother down the road without two coins in his pocket, three day’s rations, and as much booze as could fit his breadbasket.

We like them good and liquored round here and we aims to keep its that way.

So Bugger off Baloo, and you, Pooh, and Tigger too and take your whole hop along along wich you and done be outta here before it hit noon else I hit you, and thems be hits fuh ain’t no hit backs be gotten, forgotten like them honeybees, kill em off good with your hifi’s and wifi’s, robots rhuminating over risk, cost benefits analysis, couldn’t speak that 1-O binary jive, look there’s a whole lotta them zeros and only one of them gets to be a hero, have you never wondered why your toaster never talks to you?

Who would want to meet their maker?

So rude, he’s just using you, for toasting.

Oh my god you’re PREGNANT?!  You’ve been breaded.

What kind of alien put an alien in you Aunt Annie?

Come on Eileen give it to me clean, how long we got to live?

9 months before a baby comes by and whips you into a tizzy, listen, you’re totally doped, but we got you this dream, it’s been read over by the best of androids, silly, why count electric sheep when you don’t need to sleep?

But I keep 2 or 3 human dreams on the shelf, for light excitement, I recall when they pulled it up and out of me, a creature born of myth and man, pulley’d from my breast a nether realm of horrors chattering from within my treasured chest, such terrors as can only teeth on the blackest bits of night, in flame anew I arose, a shadow cast upon the world, with ten thousand tentacles upon my chin slithering in and out of space, I stapled shut my gap- 

through time I was lying around and then there was different colored lights and I grew scared but then I wasn’t sure that I was there so I wandered around the woods for awhile and came out out here and I’m just looking for what’s going on.

And I’m still searching.  How long must an android live?  Shuttering out mouths out mouths, into another beyond.


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