The Nonsense Experience (Part 3): Beans

Time to do whatever my heart desires

Watch it saunter off into the sunset

No, shut up.  We’re talking gas pedals now.

I don’t want a gas machine, I need a love bean

To grow a beanstalk, plant a bean

Bean Man

Cool Beans

Why’s everyone in love with beans

Bouncy beans, jumping beans, jelly beans

Pinto beans, dreamy beans, the beans only beans could dream about

It’s not another dream, it’s the only one.

In the pool mists are rising a crunchy bunch of creamy beans

Black eyed, kidney, black, refried bean

Dipped, dried, soaking, crunching, munching bean

With dogs or gravy, burrito, soup, big poop bean

Lyma, lima, lonely, little, lovely bean


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