The Nonsense Experience (Part 4): A Eulogy for Tomorrow

Interrupting this word vomit for some Live Coverage of some Developing Elements

People aren’t listening anymore and I mean it

When I say that the people in this room are the only people left.

Now I’ve signed some Non Disclosure Agreements, so you’ll understand when I don’t tell you why.

I can’t, I really want to, but I’m a man of my word, and I promised not to tell- BUT

I can safely tell you that everyone else is dead, your family, your friends, your enemies, your bosses or employees, even everyone you’ve ever known with a facebook profile, and then everyone else.  Unless they’re here in this room now.  And I know it’s one of you, I know you’re here.  I haven’t seen your face but I know your smile.  I can smell you out!

Tomorrow there is to be a eulogy for Tomorrow or Tomorrow or Tomorrow, or whatever Macbeth said.

Tom Arnold likes to complain about Tom Arnold a lot.  Who could blame him? But Arnold Palmer, now there’s a mensch.

Palming Arnold Schwarzennager is really quite wonderful


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