Getting Linkedin Pt. 2

Oh smarty pants mcgee he looked at me

and little else was found peacefully

under the apple 6 tree, with all you tree needs.

There’s nothing like watching all the wpiigle piggei needs in the world go by,

li look at all them little piggies and they’ve got you by squiggling lightly, why,

I don’t have much more than what you gave me, what you said on the Grove.

Who am I listening to, and why> >? W hat have they to accomplish for me?

I have meager will to lift pillows never mind down the road,

I drive for a living on a slimp telephone, I’d got practical effects back at home,

and listen if there’s anything that you’re looking for you know where to go,

come back anytime, have fun storming the castle!

The funniest people are the ones that have something to say about our technology,

and Sanders only stepped out to be a sillier daddy, bring Happy back,

forget we ever dated and make drunk to me again like I’m a man child

and punch me til I spit Spanglish, silver fox or not, I’m from Hell, not the handbasket,

have you ever heard the sound of no tomorrows outside the cries of every soul

that ever did a bad thing, no matter how small, and forgiveness was given not,

not merely your own terrible agony but the weight of every other soul

here struggling in the midst of eternal spiritual torture, suffered too the mental

and the emotional aspects again I was distracted a faerie wanders past,

a little critter that strips it’s path of every root and berry he has lost his fingertips within

the skin of every tree.  And again my arm are detached from one another,

and maybe there’s a moment where we can all get along.

Hey there hand, way down there why don’t you come and sing my song,

I’d love for us to get along,

Haven for has been’s and candy lady thinning thongs,

we’d all like to bring along more chorus us for us,

but, we’ll have to bake us some berry scones,

blue berry it’s merry for us to make a mog more of a dog than a log but man

it’s quite like pogs to bounce a lot, and bray.

Click, oh what a terrible movie…  Let’s go play chords,

we’ll make up songs as they get into us, a lot ,

my mind is tripling into a s abig fat somnambulance for the somnambulant

so some guys gotta go, but if we had one more week we’d have a lot more treats!

So bad for you so sweet, but what can I say I got those teeth,

without which I’d be on less fleek.

So then let’s try to sing some songs, but later on

somebodies’ gotta lose a limit for it gimme a quick ol grin and I’ll buzz you in

I know you need to poop out your pooter who’s scooter whips hooters

like these for my panty greed.  I’ve got quite a number of these thneeds

inspecting their reeds for dust mites and doves pull off the gloves

this here’s a bare nickel back pedal to the metal of honor in English

on it’s a kind of magic 8 baller for life sentence.


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