Can’t Delete Erasure

Can’t Delete Erasure

Triple negative

Took away all our memories that electrons bore out in screens

Left only electrons in my nose smelling what can never be

Because it’s in another space 

It’s in another time

No calls I’m just recalling

I’m opening the files to formats we fit in

Lived in lives not in boxes nor in projections

Couldn’t prove I’m not a bot

A boy called into question

Want of a woman for meaning

Deeper than these 1’s and O’s 

A blip of feeling every bit fleeting

Like a kid I thought I knew everything

But ctrl alt deleted

Leaves little alternate defeated

When proof is gone

There aren’t any laws to anything

Such as love, such as war

The life and death choice, there’s no oar ‘ere to paddle, up shit creek with a partner

Eyeing the water for sweet endless sleep sneaky snakes

You fell defending thy lady

Right into Charon’s River 

Raked by Boney hands

fighting the damned 

until you dying joined them, 

clawing at what little life floats above head

in hopes one day the dead could live again. 


Can’t Delete Erasure

Triple Negative

It’s not enough

The living die to rise again

It’s never enough

But I am.


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