A man hides himself in the body of a Woman

So #Real deal, I’ve been hiding out in the body of a woman, yes mamm, I am a man, but sometimes I need to put on a dress so people will care, so people know I have feelings too and will pamper me and tell me I’m pretty and how happy I make people to see me.  
I’m a performer daddy, here for your pleasure cuz I can’t get none of my own.  
My sister called the other day because she was worried about me because for the first time since we had cell phones I didn’t respond immediately when she texted. I was in the woods. No, they’re dead- the trees, I was in the desert.
My boss looked me in the eye today and told me I was hurting from long ago and I wish he knew what it was because I don’t

I was sold on a bill of goods called the 21st century and like the rest of us I’m ungrateful for the dreams they gave me.
I’m not poor anymore, I’m just keeping afloat, is your head above water yet? Nope.

Dead men float bc they save the women and children. We’re the half the populace no one cares if we die, we’re made that way. To be expendable, it’s in our DNA. I was made to be broken, I wasn’t made to cry. I was made to hurt and kill. I’m a guinea pig, that’s what they call us callous countrymen, pigs. Because we’re made for the dirt, consume everything without discernment save for dating hunger. You wanna go to a rock concert to see an angel sing her lullaby or a dude who’s on his deathbed ready to fly over the rails for your enjoyment. Defy gravity maybe, but let’s let sleeping dogs lie through their teeth. Rape is a part of your sexuality because ladies can take it when we take and you give and you give to men not worth your time because we’re not worth anyone else’s, faces only mother’s could love you hope you could make a mother of more with these faces because you got the soul of kindness wrapped up in you so so you hope against hope that it’s one worth a life for a laugh you trade it all, for a giggle and smile and wish the arms that harm could be ones that hold. But there’s no caring in the world left anymore for the men here, it’s a women’s world, as it should be and here I am stuck a man. Good luck ladies. You’ll need it out there. It’s not a nice world but you’re making it better everyday. If you only knew how truly few of us were worth the time.  


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