Zero Days

I find myself in that same age old flow

Of work and laze, work and laze, for days

Weeks, months, maybe years, decades

We’ll stop there.

But you get my meaning, when you’re just living for today

Can’t think to try at tomorrow before the sun’s come up

Where are we going with our lives?  We wonder

As we wander through tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Choices made lost, welcomed, spat at, sat and respackled

Anyone spare a shmeckling?

I’ve lost my screws in a hard wood

What’s left are bent and bored

The heads aren’t any good for screwing

There’s a word for that if you recall

Anyhow there’s a hot dick on the hunt for Buns, his partner in crime

But this time the devil gets away

And Richard’s out on Third for bad behavior

What an ass, kissing faeries like that

Better he that play the lion

Coward and quiet though he be

With a roar like a whisper that couldn’t scare away a dandelion

Ferocious feline fell out with fellow fem fatale, Fate

And brushed aside a lemongrass for days spent mid nip

And lazed about in shade

Forgotten doctor’s letters of hanging with big cats whom chew fat

By the door, merely this and nothing more than infidelity in infidels, bartered words and pithy melody

Gambled dreams have lost their luster, false bet that found no plunder

Twixt the rain, screams of thunder

Blackened skies mixing light asunder

Which death had deemed a slightly pleasure

Brighten wide and took to one another

Amid the crash and burning ash the heavens let forth a single letter

To the scarlet witch the viridian surrendered

Verdant calms no song remembered

Scathed of leafies, golden retrieved, set forth in blood orange wreaths

The wreckage piled high the blood letting of an earth turned soiled

No bitter end for we dear old friends millennial smiles that play pretend

A planet dying go on the offense

And strike at human tendencies when mother’s shocked reap no sewing mend

In the day a dog recalls it’s sniffed the halls

No more of human scraps, their scraps themselves that blades of grass did bend

And feared the world that sought to rend

Dripping lifts of puzzled minds did snort and grift

Held no power over natural laws

Cause and effect

A physics, karmic the message send the fools without humor

The truculent succulent whom birthed only stupor

Sickness declines in all with souls

But the soulless live on,

Unable to transcend

Past a point of no return

There bodies grieving minds and missing hearts

Double talk smart right from the start

Bittered stares which no mother cares for

For who could love a husk

But the huskied

Hymns aplenty this one’s rusty

But the legos in my egos won’t stop to think

What’s of this now we’re on the brink?

McArthy mavens seek to trial and tribulation to apocalyptic nations

Bearing out their blackly lists for a fistful of dollars

A man with no name can go far

But their’s no more mistaken identity,

We know, you know

We know you know we know

You know?

But the bramble patch we’ve to crawl is a very tiny hole

That bleeds you out before you’re through and Pooh is stuck and Piggy too

And no one’s getting out

The bitterest end is the one with greatest hope run it’s course

The light at the tunnel dims and Fate has sealed you in your cave

Watch about the shadows and believe they’re all the rage

At light again you’ll want no light, it’s the shadows that you crave

True Love isn’t worth the rats ravenous in your face cage.

Can you imagine shame?

They still can’t find it

Berefted organs sing no songs

The birds don’t offer sage

We drift about in husky suits

Counting only zero days.






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