God Meat

Mad Pixels

Mix pad and picowatts

Alphatronic blues that blew nizzles with a damp hank

Kerchiefed her bloomers with some idiosync

Danced a rhythm turned upside, downside pink

Left one in the ringer hot, dead, stink.

Pillowgisms on a gasm gastastic algorithm

Sniffed in stiffers for a red scene,

all green, horned and it’s not easy being this cheese

Sifted rivers for a Spaded Queen

Lifted fingers full of fish spleen

Jaded leaden bait dream

Whiskin’ about in the Summer stream

Glazed above where waters held light

Shadowed bottoms below and nothing came they up

This ain’t my first radio!  And neither is this here meal my first there trap

I’m the King of the Sea!

The mightiest Tuna, you ever did see!

And the waves crashed upon me and I turned my cheek

And the world fell down upon me and I never bent knee

And the Sun exploded and everyone died, but I never gave up the ghost

Old Gods are still Gods, and most of us are pretty old.

I mean I can’t even describe to you just how ridiculous and narrow your perception of time is, I’m THAT old.

Yeah, being a God is cool and all, but the whole omnipotent thing is like pretty boring.  But like what’s the point in doing anything really if you can literally do anything.  Such that words cannot express as nouns, adjectives, verbs, literally have the same meaning.  I want some, Spice for a steak I’m cooking, I instantly have it, I lived as Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, I am Parsley, the end all be all embodiment of Sage, the act of growing, eating, smelling.  Anything and Everything to do with Rosemary.  I sprinkle some Thyme on my steak and I don’t even have to wait, I was the cow, I am the cow, it’s murderer, it’s mother, sister, brother, father, friend, 1st cousin, 2nd cousin, being consumed and consuming myself for an eternity and I fry it in a pan who’se molecular structure I’m currently, always was and always will be the iron and the fire, the fat and the meat, my god, I’m delicious, I don’t even need to cook I could just have it appear, fucking perfect steak, best steak you’ve ever had in you life.  I don’t even need to eat.  But here I am cooking a steak in your house, uninvited.  That’s what God’s like myself do on their off day.  I ruined a steak.  It feels good to make a mistake once in awhile, and clearly I was mistaken here in walking in and ruining your kitchenware.  Rest assured however I will reward you handsomely for your troubles, as a benevolent God, like myself, would totally do in this situation and not laugh about it.  But please, please, be comforted in that you have been visited by a deity well beyond your understanding .  And like all deities befitting your reverence I will make my exit through the window at the back of the house.  Mystify!


Tape Labels

Vape ables

Rave fables



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