Save One

There’s a certain kind of feeling you get when you’ve met someone that for the first time, makes you feel like you’re not alone. Not because you’re lonely, not because you have a problem with being on your own, but cosmically -there’s someone else here, for the first time…

Some call it a soul mate, some call it “the one”, I don’t know what to call it, I just know, they’re there. There’s this feeling like you’ve never known how to smile until now, your whole life you’ve never even really laughed til now. Every kiss before this were merely lips touching by accident, and every fuck was merely that. There’s a feeling you get down in your bones like you didn’t know you could stand tall, proud, shoulders back, chest forward, chin down, head high, skeletal majesty your back could not convince you of before. There’s this feeling on your flesh always knew where you end and they begin but now… now, you don’t know anymore, it hasn’t felt something so akin as skin. Your eyes only looked but didn’t see, your mouth consumed but never tasted, your nose knew smell but not fragrance nor aroma. And the Earth spins. And a day turns to night. And kisses since have lost their flavor, no none so sweet, when they’ve gone and you’re incomplete in a way you didn’t realize you could be and there’s a new bar in town by which the world is measured. And you see through everyone’s mask, you see everyone how they really are, who they really are and the pretty faces melt away and the sex however appealing is stale and old hat. And suddenly there’s nothing more important in the world than true intimacy, in sharing yourself wholly, the self you hid and hid again in painted faces like an actor hides their truest self behind a character to get by in a play penned not by their own hand, no- suddenly you don’t want to be anyone else in the world, you don’t want to be with anyone else in the world but yourself, save one.
Save one. 
Save one for yourself.  


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