Misinformation 24

What if we all democratized all outcomesRepublicated every ending

Decided about any agreement

Heretoforth forthwith with home is where the heart is rhythmically stoked, dude-!

This rude attitude to food comin’ back to BYTE CHA!

Really? Fiscal futures tearing sutures to bet against a deathbed ready, set, go! Rat race to your face you play another tape recorded over histories fraught with empty memories, implanted, real or just imagined, non-fiction reconstructed in an endless game of telephone from the moment that it happened and any memory of it ever happening and every memory of remembering. Wait!
What were we just talking about?  
How can you know what you think is true to be really true, even if it isn’t, don’t we all take our world for granted, every now and again, you can’t trust anything, even gravity is inconsistent. Curious isn’t it? How we live on theory and by the law of the land before time series on Netflix and Chill out you have to hackterbate your cerebellum every morning eat your own personal breakfast of champions and long live the day our corporate overlords grow a heart or have a heart attack but no healthcare for the careless even the powerful need to pee in cups. Maybe don’t feed where they shit? I think we can all agree we’ve arrived at a very particular moment when we found out…
What were we talking about?
You couldn’t tell me the first word out of my mouth, was it mom or dad? I talked at length about parentals, rather parenthetically, earlier and you can’t quite recall what this was really all about. You’re just transfixed by a moment, bored or confused. I don’t get the 21st century either. You’ll recall I never said who. 
What were we talking about?
Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like? When memes more real than reality remember nostalgic trends like gushers, gak and micro machines that twiddle about now in the air now and then a drone for you two to relax to, watching everyone now doesn’t matter The Who what when or why there’s peepers on sleepers and your own information is owned by corporations you’ve never heard of, is July 4th really your birthday or was it just a lie your momma told you, easier far to name independence blown out of proportion to the portions that they feed you. Glance over your shoulder and you’ll spot at least smart phones listening in to your dumb language fricatives mixed with diphthong stammers translated into useless data to mine the day you dated and make reservations to the restaurant you know she hated but like for you yelped 5 five star rated even when you clicked on one, your jezebels and al jazeeras got no use for you in wading in a wonky war, bear none of these lispy barons talking heads that slander and play fickle when the truth has come to tickle no none let’s bet that collegial brands pants half wet get all of your savings, checking, Roth IRA, stocks, bonds and piggy bankings, the sharks provide they say, the sharks provide many with a happy meal so you’re full for their feeding and slow to the fleeing.  
If pro is the opposite of con is progress the opposite of congress? If you vote for one but I vote for the other do our votes really matter? Does Fox News report fake the news the way CNN reports fake news? How can we be sure about anything anymore? Is the biggest thing in politics today really the biggest thing in politics or is it just a smokescreen to keep you focused on anything but the core issues of what the biggest thing in politics is
I don’t know, what were we talking about?


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